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Our Patent Pending signature organizer is the Model 42. Unlike ALL other Ping Pong organizers currently on the market, ours is made from durable 100% cotton instead of petroleum based plastics, extending the lifespan of the paddles and the organizer itself. It also is the ONLY organizer currently available that holds your net and clamps in addition to paddles and balls making it THE complete storage system. This organizer will last as long as (and probably longer) than the life of the table itself.
Other organizers that don’t hold the net force you to either leave your net and clamps attached to the table, risking damage when storing the table, or finding a less convenient box and drawer to store it. The other guys also make you stuff two paddles into one pocket if you want to store 4 paddles. This can damage the ‘pills’ or peal the adhesive from smooth style paddle covers.